Give yourself time...

People have been taking baths sense the beginning of time, but somewhere a long the way we forget how to enjoy the art of taking a bath. A bath shouldn't seem like a chore or be rushed. We spend all day rushing here and there, that we usually don't make time for ourselves. When you are taking a bath, you should truly cherish this time with yourself.

Soak your troubles away with a bath.

Setting the mood for a bath...

It is important to set the mood in your bathroom for your self-care time. You want everything your going to need at your fingertips. For example your favorite glass of wine, the book you are currently reading, or anything else that let's you relax and take a break from the world. Clutter will not help you relax, so before getting in the bath declutter. Organize your bathroom, so every product and hairbrush has it's place. While waiting for your bath to fill up add some soaking salts and essential oils, so that they have time to dissolve into the water before you get in. During your bath, massage into your skin soaps and body washes that are not harmful for the skin, but in fact rejuvenate it. Remember this time is all about you, so don't over think it. Just relax and enjoy this time with yourself.

“When all else fails take a bath.” -Anonymous

Ten reasons you should take a bath...

1. Taking a bath allows you to set time for yourself. Remember self-care isn't selfish. We all need time for ourselves, whether we have kids, live with a boyfriend/girlfriend, or are single and ready to mingle.

2. Who doesn't love a bath with Essential Oils or Bath Salts? Using both can help your body regenerate from a long day. Bath Salts are great for people who need to soothe their aching muscles. Do you suffer from sinuses/allergies? Using a Peppermint Bath Soak, which can help open them up.

3. Warm bath water can increase blood flow, which helps improve blood circulation. This is amazing for someone with poor circulation.

4. Finish that book that you have been to busy for, while taking time for yourself in the bath.

5. Relaxing yourself before bed will help you sleep better at night.

6. Taking a bath is very therapeutic, so it will help to reduce a little stress from your life.

7. Leave your skin feeling rejuvenated after massaging into your skin a body scrub.

8. It's the perfect time to use that bath bomb you have been saving.

9. Leave your skin smelling amazing after using a delicious smelling soap made from all organic ingredients.

10. Taking a bath can insure optimal health of the body, mind, and soul.

When the water runs cold...

Get out of the bath and rub into your skin lotions and serums that will help to hydrate the skin. Everyone is entitled to self-care time and don't allow anyone to make you feel otherwise. Even you mommies out there. No statement could be truer than this: We need to take care of ourselves, before we can take care of others. Remember the world won't fall apart in the time you allow yourself to take a bath. Just soak up the SALTED water and finish that glass of wine. Until next time stay SALTED!


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